Cause Marketing with a Direct, Local Impact

Invest directly alongside your customers in their most treasured cause.

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Invest in proximate schools or programs that share your company's mission.

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Match a few dollars per contribution, this boosts giving by encouraging participation.

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Your gift touches each parent, so follow with a thank you email, offer or discount.


of Americans have a more positive image of a company when it supports a cause they care about.


of Mature Millenials more likely to buy, shop and recommend products supporting a worthy cause.


People spend twice as long reviewing cause-related ads and offers versus generic versions.


of Millenial Moms would share thoughts online about companies that support worthy causes.


Direct Reach

Customize your message, offer or discount and we send it as a "thank you" directly to each contributing parent via email. Plus, your brand and your offer gain visibility on each school's campaign page. Your customized offer is delivered directly to each parent after your company makes a matching contribution. Your offer is viewed more favorably after your direct support of a cause parents consider worthy.

Local Impact

This is your chance to impact local communities with a direct, visible investment. Your company defines your investment parameters, targeting geographically proximate schools or supporting the programs that resonate with your company’s mission. Your team can define your level of participation per contributor, per school and in total. Your company earns the recognition and loyalty from directly investing in schools with zero administrative burden (that’s our job!).


Authentic Storytelling

You can re-post parents’ authentic gratitude, passion and enthusiasm for your company’s support by accessing our “Story Feed”. After giving on edFunder, each parent shares their story, describing what compelled them to contribute and why the project funded is so critical to their child. These stories, direct from each parent, can be streamed to your site, so your visitors see the tangible benefit of your social responsibility direct from the real people whose lives you have touched.

Ready? Let's build a new base of loyal parents by supporting their schools.

Act Locally, Manage Globally

Your team can target schools, define investment parameters, track your offer response rates and measure your return on investment from a single dashboard. Also, connect with our "Story Feed" API to show parents' gratitude, passion and enthusiasm for your company's support on your own website. Then view, hide or re-post any comments on your "Story Feed".


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