Four Simple Steps to Make Your School Fundraiser a Success

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Step One | Create

Our simple, step-by-step website empowers you to create an effective school fundraiser campaign page in minutes. We provide instructions and assistance along the way, so the best way to learn is to get started. Then, if you have questions, our full customer support is ready to help.

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Step Two | Share

Your custom email and text campaigns are ready to launch, just gather contact info for parents, teachers and alumni. We provide you a custom campaign page link for sharing and posting to school sites or Facebook pages. Our built-in connections make social sharing simple.

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Step Three | Raise

Our 60-second contribution makes it easy to contribute instantly from any device by anyone with access to your campaign link. Your supporters can contribute with any payment method, including credit card, debit card, Paypal, eCheck or by ACH directly from your checking account.

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Step Four | Celebrate

We make it simple to recognize generous supporters, enticing others to contribute by highlighting top contributors on your campaign page. We also enable you to celebrate and reward Top Connectors, those special supporters who generate the most clicks / views of your campaign page.

Success Stories

Immaculate Conception's capital campaign generated $27,300 on EdFunder for the renovation of their learning center. The school community responded to the school fundraiser, raising 178% of their goal on EdFunder. The upgrades have boosted enrollment interest and made every parent a little more committed to the school's future success.

How To Make Your School Fundraiser a Success

Helpful Hints for Your School Fundraiser


Start building your text and email contact list for parents at your school. Ask your parent-teach council, teachers and school for available contact lists. Create a social presence by setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts if you haven't already done so. Also, identify the potential supporters that run your school community's websites, social networks, email newsletters and blogs. Their support by posting your campaign link will greatly boost your campaign's reach and potential for success.


Sharing your campaign early and often via email, social media and school related sites or newsletters is key. Also, asking your friends, teachers and other stakeholders to share your campaign is the best way to raise awareness and generate support for your cause. When you ask others to spread the word, be sure you also make it easy on your supporters. Don't just tell them about the campaign, get their phone number and text them your unique, custom campaign page link. We provide a unique, custom campaign page link you can access from your campaign page anytime. This makes it easy for your supporters to find the campaign, contribute from any device in an instant and it also gives you credit for sharing the campaign as a Top Connector.


Your campaign's name, the story, and the pictures and videos you upload to your campaign page should inspire potential donors to contribute to the campaign. In your campaign description, be thorough and detailed about how funds will be used, then highlight the benefits of your campaign to best show how your contributors funds will make a difference.


Share the campaign at offline school events, sporting events, meetings and other events. Flyers and banners are great, include because anyone can access your campaign from, and its a url they will never forget. Share your custom Campaign Page with everyone you meet. You will build your contact list and each click on your custom campaign page link gets you credit for sharing the campaign as a Top Connector.


Its especially important to get the link to your EdFunder campaign page visible on your school's website, email newsletter and Facebook page. The easier you make it for supporters to find your campaign, the more contributions your campaign will receive.

EdFunder Can Help with Any School Fundraiser

Schools use EdFunder to raise funds for any school related need

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Capital Campaigns

Raise funds to renovate your school, make overdue repairs, add new playground equipment or build a new robotics lab.

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School Organizations, Teams and Clubs

Start a running club, fund new uniforms for the band, or raise money to host a parent-teacher event.

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Programs, Curriculum and Hardware

Purchase new curriculum, software, classroom technology or learning tools.

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Classroom Needs

Collect money for a teacher gift or help your teacher out by pitching in to purchase classroom supplies.

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PTO/PTA Fundraising and Booster Clubs

Fund association costs or accept contributions in lieu of volunteering. Unite the community to fund a capital initiative or capstone project.

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Elementary to High School Fundraisers

Raise money for elementary school through middle school and engage students and parents with fully mobile-enabled high school fundraising.

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Power Your Fundraising

We make anyone a school fundraising hero

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No Experience Necessary

You can instantly launch a fundraising campaign. Our step-by-step process ensures you make all the right moves. Our full-service customer support is here and available when you have questions.

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Support Snowballs

Your supporters spread the word by sharing across social networks, email lists, and by peers texting peers. Our built-in school-wide contests, enticing rewards and peer-to-peer asks increase awareness, support and participation.

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Maximize Giving

We ensure every member of your school community is united and fully committed to your fundraiser’s success by celebrating top contributors, rewarding supporters and tracking progress and activity on your campaign page.

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Enable Anytime Contributors

We enable your supporters to contribute instantly at anytime by credit card, debit card, Paypal, ACH or eCheck from any device. Our 30-second online / mobile checkout secures more funding without the hassle of collecting checks.

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Future Campaigns Even Easier

We make your school’s next fundraiser even easier. We remember contributors’ payment information for faster checkout and help you re-use contact lists. Anyone can search your school to access all of your school’s fundraisers.

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Tax Deductible Contributions

We will take care of sending tax receipts to ensure that donors are eligible to receive a tax-deduction for their donations. All donors will receive a tax receipt from with its EIN and tax-deductible information.

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Keep Costs Low

You don’t need a paid subscription and you pay no setup fees, so no costs to get approved. Our small fees are covered by contributions so there are no out of pocket costs. Your school keeps 95% of funds raised before standard processing fees.

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edFunder Guarantee

Relax and rest assured. We only release funds to the campaign organizer after we check that the proceeds will be used solely to fund the campaign’s goal. If something’s not right, we take full responsibility and will refund all proceeds.

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