Our Story: What Makes Us Unique

We founded edFunder after a successful fundraising campaign for our child's school. We wanted make it easy for others to replicate the success we had raising money for schools. While events, parties and gala's are fun and bring the school community together, our lives are busy. We also don't feel comfortable asking friends, co-workers and neighbors to buy coupon books, sausage, popcorn or other goods they don't need and don't really want.

Today, everyone has figured out how to raise money online, it's where 62% of people prefer to give. But schools lag behind and needlessly drain the energy and enthusiasm of their parents by making it hard to raise money and almost as hard to contribute. We decided that fundraisers should be fun, easy and bring the school community together.

EdFunder does all this online without the time, cost or hassle of traditional school fundraisers. Each EdFunder campaign can be launched in less than 60 seconds without any cost to launch a campaign. We provide a step-by-step process that instantly turns a caring parent into a fundraising rainmaker. And we build in fun contests, rewards and business funding to unite your school community around the campaign's cause, its a worthy one. This is how strong communities get stronger and build better schools.

What Makes EdFunder Different

We help you raise more money for any project, program, team or organization at your school.

Simple to Launch

You can launch a campaign in less than 60 seconds. Then, our step-by-step process, built-in contests and rewards instantly turns any caring parent into a fundraising rainmaker.

Built in Support from Business Sponsors

Start a campaign to access funds from supportive local businesses while your supporters receive rewards for supporting your campaign.

No Cost to Launch

There is no cost to launch a campaign and no subscription to purchase. Only after contributions start rolling in do we net out standard processing and convenience fees from the proceeds.

Success Stories

Immaculate Conception's capital campaign generated $27,300 on EdFunder for the renovation of their learning center. The school community responded to the school fundraiser, raising 178% of their goal on EdFunder. The upgrades have boosted enrollment interest and made every parent a little more committed to the school's future success.

How We Make It Free to Launch A Campaign

It's free to join the platform and no cost to launch a campaign for any fundraiser for your school. We don't charge any initial fees to launch and there are no subscription costs. Instead, we only collect fees after you raise money. Your school does not pay any costs either. We simply net the standard processing fee and our platform fee from funds raised. EdFunder collects a platform fee plus our payment partners like Stripe and Paypal charge standard credit card fees or lower fees when you use an eCheck from your bank account.

Our convenient and cost-efficient pricing model that allows your donors to cover all the fees (including credit card fees) at checkout. Currently, we net such fees out of each contribution and soon each contributor will be able to increase their contribution to cover all fees, which over 90% of donors choose to do.

Our fee structure greatly reduces your fundraising costs compared to the costs of hosting an event, which typically account for 65% of funds raised. A fundraiser sale not only creates a hassle for your parents and students, sales are notoriously inefficient and expensive because the cost of the product sold eats up more than 70% of the price paid by your school's parents, neighbors and co-workers. In comparison, an EdFunder yields your school 95% of the funds you raise (before standard third-party processing fees) AND EdFunder increases the amount of funds you raise with built-in contests, business sponsor contributions and rewards.

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Power Your Fundraising

We make anyone a school fundraising hero

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No Experience Necessary

You can instantly launch a fundraising campaign. Our step-by-step process ensures you make all the right moves. Our full-service customer support is here and available when you have questions. We make it simple for you to be a fundraising hero.

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Support Snowballs

With one-click you and your supporters can spread the word by sharing across social networks, email lists, and by texting your peers. Our built-in school-wide contests, enticing rewards and peer-to-peer asks increase awareness, build support and maximize participation.

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Maximize Giving

We ensure every member of your school community is united, accountable and fully committed to the success of your fundraiser by celebrating your top contributors, rewarding those supporters who are helping spread the word and providing full transparency into the campaign’s progress.

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Enable Anytime Contributors

We enable your supporters to contribute by credit card, debit card, Paypal, ACH or eCheck at any time, from any device in an instant. We enable 30 second online and mobile contributions so you can secure more funding without the hassle of coordinating check hand-offs.

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Future Campaigns Even Easier

We make your next fundraiser, and any fundraiser for your school, even easier than the first fundraiser. We remember contributors’ payment information for faster repeat checkout and help you re-use contact lists with a click and provide one place to access all of your school’s fundraisers.

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Tax Deductible Contributions

We will take care of sending tax receipts to ensure that donors are eligible to receive a tax-deduction for their donations. All donors will receive a tax receipt from edfunder.org with its EIN and tax-deductible information.

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Keep Costs Low

You don’t need to purchase a subscription and you pay no setup fees. There are no costs you need to get approved. Our small fees are covered by contributions so there are no out of pocket costs for you or your school and your school keeps 95% of funds raised before standard processing fees.

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edFunder Guarantee

Relax and rest assured. We only release funds to the campaign organizer after we check that the proceeds will be used solely to fund the campaign’s goal. We make sure your funds get to the proper person, team or group to fund the intended project or program. If something’s not right, we take full responsibility and will refund all proceeds.

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