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Drive Higher Participation Rates

Increase awareness with simple social sharing. Make it easy for supporters to spread the word with powerful peer to peer text, email and mobile communication tools. Drive higher participation rates with built-in participation contests and rewards.


Maximize Giving Amounts

Incentivize higher gift amounts with matching challenges and recognition of contributors. Unite your community with real-time progress updates on your campaign page. Make it simple to give online anytime from any device by credit or debt card, eCheck or Paypal.


Launch Your Campaign for Free

Start your fundraising campaign today at no cost. There are no setup fees and no subscription to purchase. Our step-by-step process and full customer support makes it easy to launch a fundraising campaign. We keep fundraising costs low so you net more proceeds.

Gain Support From Our Business Sponsors

We have assembled great partners committed to supporting local schools. Launch a campaign on our platform to access rewards and matching funds from local businesses and national brands.

Ready? It only takes a few seconds to launch.

Track Progress From Your Dashboard

Supporters rally around your online campaign hub to track progress and activity. We provide one location to track activity, view contributors and celebrate progress.


Success Stories

Immaculate Conception's capital campaign generated $27,300 on EdFunder for the renovation of their learning center. The school community responded to the school fundraiser, raising 178% of their goal on EdFunder. The upgrades have boosted enrollment interest and made every parent a little more committed to the school's future success.

Power Your Fundraising

We make anyone a school fundraising hero

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No Experience Necessary

You can instantly launch a fundraising campaign. Our step-by-step process ensures you make all the right moves and our full-service customer support is available when you have questions.

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Support Snowballs

Your supporters spread the word by sharing across social networks, email and by peer-to-peer text. Our built-in contests, enticing rewards and peer-to-peer asks increase awareness, support and participation.

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Collect For Events And Dues

You can collect a defined dollar amount for dues or tickets to a fundraising event. We make it easy for parents to contribute to your school and any team, club or organization at your school.

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Enable Anytime Contributors

We enable your supporters to contribute instantly at anytime by credit card, debit card, Paypal, ACH or eCheck from any device. Our 30-second online / mobile checkout secures more funding without the hassle of collecting checks.

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Future Campaigns Even Easier

We make your school’s next fundraiser even easier. We remember contributors’ payment info for faster checkout and help you re-use contact lists. Finally, one location for all of your school’s fundraisers.

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Tax Deductible Contributions

We take care of sending tax receipts to ensure that contributors are eligible to receive a tax-deduction. All donors will receive a tax receipt from with its EIN and tax-deductible information.

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Keep Costs Low

You don’t need to purchase a subscription and you pay no setup fees. Our small fees are covered by contributions, so no out of pocket costs. Your school keeps 95% of funds raised before standard processing fees.

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edFunder Guarantee

We only release funds to the campaign organizer after we check that the proceeds will fund the campaign’s stated goal. If something’s not right, we take full responsibility and will refund all proceeds.

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